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Zyada is the only platform in the world where you can Rent, Hire and Exchange anything / any resource / tool. With its powerful interface and engine it will make the life easy for the users who are Renting, Hiring and Exchanging. No Middlemen, Commission or Hassles.

The Problem:

  • The Space / Resource / Things which are idle after your use.
  • You require something and it is expensive, or you need it urgently or you require it only for a shorter period of time.
  • You want to exchange your existing Resource / Things like Cars, Mobiles, and Furniture etc….

What can we do?

  • Earn more(Zyada) from your unutilized or partially utilized resources.
  • Get the right thing in the right budget.
  • Change the things with Exchange.
  • Get call / mail or Search and find what you want and get contact details.

* * *

Download the app with by Clicking on Google Play Store Icon. Please do check the “Demo” section for small video clips to suggest you how to Post Ad and Search for what you need in Zyada.

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[ services ]


Rent out anything which is laying idle or partially used by you which can get you extra income.


Why need to buy when you can hire something, check out the wide range of categories available in Zyada.


Exchange your old / used things with new / used things which you need now, Check the exciting offer which merchants provide .

[ features ]

Premium Ads:

Make your ad premium and get 10X enquiries for as little as INR 99 per month.


Know the exact distance of your needed resource from your current location with location based results.

High Quality Pics and Video uploads:

Upload HD pictures and video of your resource you want to rent out or Exchange.

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